Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Gadis Sexy Bertatto

Tattooing is an art or traditional Dayak people since the time of the ancestors tattoo motifs typical of Dayak tribes with certain images have meaning you try to see the parents in the Kapuas Hulu that elders want any young person who has many tattoos on his body, and the tattoo is not just any tattoo.and people who have tattoos are often in a pereman angap ever committing a crime, and tattoos are now no longer in angap bad people but has become kegemabran and pride in themselves sendiri.dimana people who have tattoos on his body not to feel proud sekali.Menato badanya things that easy, why not? tattooing our own bodies is something that is not easy because of incredible pain because of our skin tear tattoo needle along with the roar of engines dawatnya ink tattoo around 3volt strength, and the pain mostly in interest by men and there are also women, tattooing our bodies if you want to look beautiful on just 1 or 2 image around the left shoulder and right, seems indah.Pada parents of old pictures on the tattoo which is owned mostly pictorialSepeerti scorpions and venomous animals have also Namanya.ini is a privilege in our ancestors.

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